UCEA11010 - National minimum wage: Employed Students and the accommodation offset

UCEA11010 - (Attachment 1) NMW Offset Consultation pro-forma January 2011

UCEA11010 - (Attachment 2) NMW Offset - 11-509-National Minimum Wage Accommodation Offset Consultation

UCEA11019 - Resolving workplace disputes: a consultation

UCEA11022 - National minimum wage: employed students and the accommodation

UCEA11022 - (Attachment) Employed students and the national minimum wage

UCEA11022 - (Attachment 2) Employed students and the national minimum wage

UCEA11023 - Employment Law News

UCEA11023 - (Attachment) Vetting & Barring Scheme and Criminal Records Regime Review

UCEA11125 - New JNCHES Training and Development Forum

UCEA11027 - Equality Working Group - The Outcomes

UCEA11027 - (Attachment) New JNCHES Equality Working Group Overview Report

UCEA11029 - Sustainability Working Group - Guide to Finance and Accounting

UCEA11029 - (Attachment) New JNCHES - An Insider's Guide to Finance and Accounting in HE

UCEA11034 - Pay Framework and Data Research Working Group - The Outcomes

UCEA11034 - (Attachment) New JNCHES Pay Framework and Data Research Overview Report

UCEA11036 - UCU Ballots for industrial action - update and further guidance

UCEA11037 - The Financial Health and Sustainability of the HE Sector - interim report

UCEA11037 - (Attachment) Sustainability Working Group - The Financial Health and Sustainability of the HE sector

UCEA11040 - Employee benefits: default retirement age, childcare vouchers and total

UCEA11043 - Hutton Review of Fair Pay - Final Report

UCEA11046 - Specific Duties Equality Act

UCEA11046 - (Attachment) Public sector Equality Duty - Policy review paper

UCEA11061 - Industrial Action Update - EIS and UCU (May 2011)

UCEA11061 - (Attachment) Letter to David Belsey

UCEA11064 - Employment Law Update (May 2011)

UCEA11066 - Consultation on modern workplaces

UCEA11066 - (Attachment i) Consultation on Modern Workplaces - Flexible parental leave - Response form

UCEA11066 - (Attachment iv) Consultation on Modern Workplaces - Equal Pay - Response form

UCEA11066 - (Attachment ii) Consultation on Modern Workplaces - Flexible working - Response form

UCEA11066 - (Attachment iii) Consultation on Modern Workplaces - Working Time Regulations - Response form

UCEA11069 - Industrial action in HE - the latest situation

UCEA11069 - (Attachment) Letter to VCs from UCU on Dispute - 6 June

UCEA11070 - Points based immigration system - latest news

UCEA11070 - (Attachment A) Occupation codes of practice for Tier 2 

UCEA11070 - (Attachment B) Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List

UCEA11071 - UCU industrial action - fresh notice of ballot from 20 June to 14 September

UCEA11075 - Apprenticeships

UCEA11076 - Disputes and Industrial Action - Key Issues

UCEA11077 - Agency worker regulations - guidance published

UCEA11078 - Industrial Action - Pensions strike in post 92 HEIs - 30 June

UCEA11079 - HE White Paper - Implications for HE Employers

UCEA11086 - Points Based Immigration System 

UCEA11090 - Specific public sector equality duties

UCEA11091 - Employing Researchers: - The Concordat, Researcher Development Framework and HR Excellence in Research Award

UCEA11092 - Public Equality Duty - Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

UCEA11096 - Sustainability Issues Working Group - Workforce Planning and Organisational Change

UCEA11096 - (Attachment) Workforce Planning and Organisational Change

UCEA11097 - Update on potential action relating to pensions reform

UCEA11098 - Points Based System - External Examiners and Visiting Academics

UCEA11098 - (Attachment) - External Examiners Tier 5

UCEA11099 - Employment Law Update October 2011

UCEA11105 - Industrial Action update

UCEA11108 - UNISON, EIS ballot results and industrial action update

UCEA11109 - The Equality Act - Specific duties (England) 

UCEA11109 - (Attachment) The Equality Act - Specific duties quick guide

UCEA11110 - Settlement Rights of Migrants IN Tier 1 and Tier 2

UCEA11112 - Industrial Action Update

UCEA11113 - Sustainability Issues Working Group - Statement of Values Relating to Sustainability of HE Institutions

UCEA11113 - (Attachment) New JNCHES - Values relating to sustainability of HE institutions

UCEA11114 - Result of Unite ballot for industrial action

UCEA11115 - Industrial action on 30 November, including Unite's action short of a strike

UCEA11116 - Points Based System - collection of issues Tiers 1, 2 and 5

UCEA11118 - Autumn Statement - Pay, pensions and employment regulation.pdf

UCEA11119 - Engagement and wellbeing: UCEA's role and a new network for HEIs

UCEA11119 - (Attachment) UCEA Network on engagement and wellbeing in the HE Sector

UCEA11120 - Call for evidence on collective redundancy consultation rules

UCEA11120 - (Appendix) - Call For Evidence Collective Redundancies Response Form 

UCEA11121 - Social security (categorisation of earners) regulations 1978

UCEA11121 - (attachment) BUFDG response teachers and lecturers NIC

UCEA11122 - Call for evidence by the migration advisory committee on limits to tier 2

UCEA11122 - (Attachment) Call for evidence on the level of an annual limit on Tier 2 and associated policies

UCEA11125 - New JNCHES Training and Development Forum

UCEA11125 - (Appendix) - TOR for the New JNCHES forum for staff development