UCEA13003 - Employing HE staff overseas

UCEA13003 - (attachment) Employing HE staff overseas - A toolkit for HR practitioners in HE

UCEA13005 - Freedom of Information Act 2000 2013 Updated Guidance

UCEA13005 - (attachment) Definition document for universities and other higher

UCEA13011 - Employment law consultations

UCEA13011 - (attachment) TUPE consultation 2013 - UCEA response pro-forma

UCEA13015 - Employment law update

UCEA13015 - (appendix) Acas consultation - UCEA response pro-forma

UCEA13018 - Public Interest Disclosure - Recent Developments

UCEA13019 - shared parental leave 

UCEA13019 (attachment) Shared parental leave pro forma

UCEA13022 - Acas code of practice - extended right to request flexible working 

UCEA13022 - (attachment) Flexible Working pro forma

UCEA13024 - Budget 2013: Pay, pensions and other employment matters

UCEA13026 - Mapping current HE practice for academic contracts

UCEA13036 - Launch of the UCEA-UHR Employee Engagement Toolkit

UCEA13036 - (attachment) Employee Engagement Toolkit flyer

UCEA13041 - Acas Code of Practice on Settlement Agreements

UCEA13044 - HR accreditation in research

UCEA13047 - Spending Round 2013

UCEA13047 - Attachment to Spending Round 2013

UCEA13051 - European HR Certification (Researchers) 2013 consultation exercise

UCEA13053 - Certification of trade union membership details

UCEA13053 - Appendix A Certification of trade union membership details

UCEA13054 - Funding Reform for Apprenticeships in England - A Consultation

UCEA13056 - Proposed Certification Scheme for HR Management of Researchers

UCEA13060 - Recent Government Consultations with Implications for Non-EEA Staff

UCEA13067 - UCEA reports on legacy academic contracts in HE

UCEA13074 - New Living Wage Week and Living Wage Rate

UCEA13079 - Living Wage increases

UCEA13079 - November 2013 UCEA briefing on Living Wage Campaign

UCEA13080 - Immigration Bill

UCEA13087 - Autumn Statement 2013

UCEA13088 - Acas consultation on discipline and grievance code