UCEA14002 - Compliance audits and the Points Based Immigration System (PBS)

UCEA14002 - (attachment) - HEAT Delivery Plan for Higher Education

UCEA14002 - (attachment) - Points Based System Audits: How they will be undertaken (HEAT)

UCEA14006 - Court of Session ruling on fixed-term contracts

UCEA14013 - Government consultation on zero hours contracts

UCEA14013 - Annex 1 Pro-forma consultation response

UCEA14013 - Annex 2 Draft UCEA response

UCEA14020 - Diamond Review of Efficiency and Effectiveness (Phase 2)

UCEA 14027 - Budget 2014

UCEA14039 - Working Time Directive review - consultation

UCEA 14039 - (appendix) UCEA pro-forma on the Working Time Directive

UCEA14046 - Parliamentary inquiry into closure of post-study work route

UCEA14052 - Shared parental leave

UCEA14056 - Whistleblowing - Annual Reporting Requirements

UCEA14056 - (attachment) - Prescribed persons reporting consultation questionnaire August 2014

UCEA14062 - Organisational change 2014-15

UCEA14063 - BIS Consultation on zero hours contracts

UCEA14064 - UCU to ballot members for Industrial Action on USS

UCEA14069 - Freedom of Information 2013 requests for information on senior staff salaries

UCEA14070 - Consultation on trade union assured register of members

UCEA14072 - UCU ballot results (USS)

UCEA14074 - UCU industrial action announcement (USS)

UCEA14076 - Holiday Pay and overtime - important legal ruling

UCEA14080 - Autumn Statement 2014

UCEA14082 - New JNCHES Training and Development Forum - Three new case studies