UCEA15002 - NHS surcharge for migrant workers

UCEA15004 - Holiday pay - New legislation to limit retrospective holiday pay claims to two years

UCEA15005 - Fuller Working Lives - A Framework for Action

UCEA15006 - Revisions to working together to safeguard children (England only)

UCEA15010 - Consultation on amendments to Employment Tribunal procedures

UCEA15010 - (attachment) Questions for the consultation on Employment Tribunal changes

UCEA15011 - Shared parental leave and pay

UCEA15018 - Change to the Data Protection Act - effective from 10 March 2015 

UCEA15023 - Budget 2015

UCEA15032 - UCEA guide to election manifestos - employment and related matters

UCEA15032 - (attachment) UCEA guide to 2015 election manifestos

UCEA15036 - Two important rulings on redundancy consultation requirements

UCEA15048 - Migration Advisory Committee Call for Evidence

UCEA15048 (attachment) - Migration Advisory Committee response form

UCEA15051 - 'Fit for Work' service

UCEA15052 - Summer Budget 2015

UCEA15053 - Migration Advisory Committee 2015 Call for Evidence - Review of Tier 2

UCEA15053 (attachment) - Migration Advisory Committee Call for Evidence - Review of Tier

UCEA15058 - The Prevent Statutory Duty - UCU guide for its branches

UCEA15061 - The Trade Union Bill 2015: Consultations

UCEA15061 (attachment) - The Trade Union Bill 2015: Consultation on tackling intimidation of non-striking workers

UCEA15061 (attachment) - The Trade Union Bill 2015: Hiring agency staff during strike action - reforming regulation

UCEA15062 - Government consultation on closing the gender pay gap

UCEA15062 (attachment) - GPG consultation response form

UCEA15063 - New Acas guides on equality and discrimination

UCEA15064 - Consultation on the National Minimum Wage

UCEA15064 (attachment) - Questions for Low Pay Commission Consultation

UCEA15072 - Gender pay gap and confirmation that HEIs are excluded from section 78 of the Equality Act 2010

UCEA15073 - Government consultation on the new apprenticeship levy on employers

UCEA15073 - Appendix - UCEA Consultation response pro-forma

UCEA15076 - UCEA responses to government consultations - Employment law and pensions

UCEA15082 - Zero hours contracts: guidance for employers

UCEA15090 - Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015 - Pay and Employment

UCEA15092 - Apprenticeship levy