UCEA Publications

New JNCHES - Higher Education gender pay gap data

12 September 2016
This is a joint report from the work commissioned in 2015-16 through New JNCHES examining gender pay gap data in the higher education (HE) sector. This is the first time of which we are aware that this level of analysis has been done and we believe the data now presented provide both greater insight into the nature of the pay gaps observable in HE and also provide a platform from which future HE sector benchmarking can be done.

New JNCHES - Gender Pay Working Group Report

16 July 2015
Published in July 2015 by UCEA with the support of EIS, GMB, UCU, Unison and Unite on behalf of New JNCHES, this report flows from the commitment made in the New JNCHES agreement for 2014/15 to undertake joint work on gender pay in higher education, specifically to build on the New JNCHES Equal Pay Survey 2013.

Results of the 2013 survey of equal pay reviews

5 February 2014
The 2012/13 pay settlement included a commitment to review the impact of the 2011 New JNCHES report and recommendations on equal pay reviews. Between April and June 2013 a working group of New JNCHES conducted a survey of HEIs on equal pay reviews. This report is the output.

New JNCHES - Equal Pay Reviews Guidance for Higher Education Institutions

27 November 2013
This revised guidance on Equal Pay Reviews was first published in November 2013 by the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) with the support of EIS, GMB, UCU, Unison and Unite on behalf of New JNCHES. It replaces previous versions published in 2002 and 2007.

New JNCHES - The Gender Pay Gap - A Literature Review

22 February 2011
As part of the New JNCHES Equality Working Group's (EWG) work on gender equality, UCEA co-ordinated research on the systemic issues in relation to the gender pay gap (GPG) with a view to producing updated guidance on ways to tackle this issue.