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Current Pay Negotiations

Multi-employer negotiating round 2016-17

Employers’ final offer

On Thursday 28 April, the employers’ made a final offer for the 2016-17 pay round, of 1.1% on all points, with higher uplifts to the lower points on the national pay spine, as follows:

  • Point 1 - 3.1% *  
  • Point 2 - 3.1%
  • Point 3 - 2.7%
  • Point 4 - 2.7%
  • Point 5 - 2.2%
  • Point 6 - 1.7%
  • Point 7 - 1.6%

* Spine point 1 is to be deleted within 8 months of implementation of the pay settlement (effective increase for individuals after the deletion will be 5.1%).

The final offer also includes joint work on gender pay gaps and on casual and hourly-paid staff. The full offer document is available to download:

2016-17 Employers' final offer presented 28 April

In addition, the employers confirmed that the trade unions' claim for a Scottish sub-committee would not be taken forward. A fuller paper was given to the trade unions on 27 April, explaining this position:  

Employer response to the TU claim for a Scottish sub-committee

UCU opens a ballot of its members for industrial action

On Thursday 14 April UCU opened a ballot of its members for industrial action, to run until 4 May. The UCU’s move to a dispute, over UCEA’s opening offer made at the first negotiating meeting, goes against the New JNCHES procedures agreed by all parties; the New JNCHES Agreement provides for a dispute being called only when progress through normal negotiations has been exhausted. The further agreed negotiating meetings for this 2016-17 round are due to take place on 28 April and 19 May.

UCEA’s media release UCEA responds to UCU's premature and damaging move to ballot for industrial action can be found in the news section of our website.

UCU invokes a procedural dispute

On Thursday 31 March UCEA received a letter from UCU (copied to the other four trade unions) seeking to lodge a New JNCHES procedural dispute and to invoke the New JNCHES dispute resolution procedure.

UCEA considers that this request should be refused, as no grounds have been given for the dispute and scope for progress through normal negotiations has not yet been exhausted (as required within the New JNCHES Agreement). UCEA’s response to UCU was sent on Friday 1 April.

Both letters can be found below.

Letter from UCU to UCEA - 31 March 16

Letter from UCEA to UCU - 1 April 2016

Employers' opening offer 2016-17

The employers' opening offer was tabled at the New JNCHES negotiating meeting held on 22 March 2016. The document is available to be downloaded.

Employers' opening offer 2016-17

Employers' Statement 2016-17

The employers' statement ahead the 2016-17 negotiations was submitted at the negotiating meeting on 22 March, outlining the context within which this year's negotiations are taking place. The statement can be dowloaded below.

Employers' Statement 2016-17

List of participating employers

This list is correct as at 6 April.

List of participating employers at 6 April

Employers' supporting materials

Papers submitted at the first negotiating meeting on 22 March 2016:

HEFCE blog on financial health of the HE sector

Re-presentation of table 8 of the unions' claim - staff cost increases 

Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Claim 2016-17

The pay claim submitted to UCEA on 11 March can be found below.

Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Claim 2016-17

Meeting dates

The parties to New JNCHES are scheduled to meet on the following dates for the 2016-17 negotiations:

  • Tuesday 22 March 2016
  • Thursday 28 April 2016
  • Thursday 19 May 2016

We held an initial meeting of exploratory talks with the five trade unions on 15 March 2016, but this was not a negotiating meeting.

Information for UCEA employers

Preparation for the 2016-17 Multi-employer negotiating round started in February with the commencement of UCEA's three-stage consultation with members.

HR Directors and other senior officers can access the UCEA Members' Guide to Negotiations in HE and briefing documents.

More information on the 2016-17 negotiating round will be published when available.

Previous negotiating rounds

Details of settlements from previous rounds and trade union pay claims can be found on the Previous Pay Settlements page.

For enquiries, please contact Sue Endean, Deputy Chief Executive or Nicola Carter, Head of HR Advice.

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