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Current Pay Negotiations

Multi-employer negotiating round 2015-16

Tuesday 14 April 2015

This paper was tabled at our negotiating meeting on 14 April to demonstrate the value of two aspects of the HE reward package at point 1 on the pay spine in hourly terms. The paper looks at sick pay and holiday pay arrangements over and above statutory provisions often provided by HEIs.

  Tabled 2 - Estimating the value of the HE reward package

Employers' statement 2015-16

The following documents present the key contextual issues for employers in the 2015-16 negotiations. These were given to the trade unions one day prior to the first negotiating meeting on 26 March 2015: we have included the Employers’ statement, background  material and a one page summary which was tabled at the meeting. We also include a list of participating HEIs.

UCEA15025 (attachement) - Employers' statement

UCEA15025 (attachment) - 15-16 Employers' statement background material

UCEA15025 (attachment) - Employers' summary points for 26 March

UCEA15025 (attachment) - List of participating employers

UCEA15025 (attachment) - UCEA Communications Briefing - start of 2015-16 Pay Negotiations 26 March 2015.docx

Trade union claim 2015-16

The Joint HE trade unions submitted two linked national claims, one for pay and one for pay-related equality matters, on Thursday 19 March. These can be found below.

Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Claim(6)

Joint Higher Education Trade Union Pay Equality Claim (6)

For contextual information on pay in HE please see the UCEA infographics on pay.

Meeting dates

The parties to New JNCHES are scheduled to meet on the following dates for the 2015-16 negotiations:

  • Thursday 26 March 2015
  • Tuesday 14 April 2015
  • Friday 24 April 2015
  • Tuesday 12 May 2015

Information for UCEA Employers

Preparation for the 2015-16 Multi-employer negotiating round started in February with the commencement of UCEA's three-stage consultation with members - see UCEA Update 15:003 circulated on the 8 January 2015.

HR Directors and other senior officers can access the recently revised UCEA Members' Guide to Negotiations in HE via this page of the website and briefing documents via this page of the website.

More information on the 2015-16 Multi-employer negotiating round will be published when available.

For enquires please contact Sue Endean or Stuart McNicholas

Last updated: 26 March 2015