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UCEA11006 - Pensions Bill 2011 and Phasing out the default retirement age - UCEA guidance

UCEA11006 (Attachment) - Phasing out the Default Retirement Age

UCEA11018 - Anticipated industrial dispute re the teachers' pension scheme

UCEA11018 - Letter from George Osborne to Brendan Barber 21 Jan 2011

UCEA11018 - Letter from Michael Gove to Sally Hunt 5 Feb 2011

UCEA11018 - Letter from Sally Hunt to Steve Webb 11 Jan 2011

UCEA11025 - Sally Hunt to Secretary of State 8 Feb 2011

UCEA11028 (Attachment) - 243 LGPS Conference

UCEA11025 - Ballot for industrial action over reforms to the teachers' pension scheme

UCEA11028 - LGE LGPS Conference

UCEA11038 Independent Public Service Pensions Commission - Final Report

UCEA11052 - 2011 Pensions Review Increase

UCEA11067 - Pensions Automatic Enrolment in Higher Education

UCEA11073 - Public Sector Pension Changes

UCEA11082 - Update on Public Sector Pensions Reforms

UCEA11082 - (Attachment) - Public Sector Update on Pensions

UCEA11084 - Consultation on Proposed Increases to Contributions for Members of

UCEA11084 - Consultation on Unfunded Public Sector Pension Schemes

UCEA11084 - Government consultation on proposed pension contribution changes

UCEA11089 - Update on potential industrial action related to pensions and USS ballot

UCEA11094 - Further Update on Potential Action Relating to Pensions Reform

UCEA11095 - UCEA Guidance on Pensions Tax Relief Issued

UCEA11104 - Update on Public Sector Pensions Reform

UCEA11106 - Update on Public Sector Pensions Reforms

UCEA11126 - Government announces Heads of Agreement on public service pensions reforms

UCEA11126 - Increases in employee contributions to nhs and teachers' pension

UCEA11128 - Government announces heads of agreement on long term public service

UCEA11128 (Attachment 1) Public schemes heads of agreement update

UCEA11128 - (Attachment 2) Public sector schemes heads of agreement update

UCEA11128- Employer and Union agreemnt on the future of LGPS