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UCEA13001 - Consultation on the NHS Pension Scheme, AVCs and Injury Benefits (Amendment) Regulations 2013

UCEA13007 - Consultation on proposed Scottish public sector scheme contribution increases

UCEA13008 - Statutory consultation on new LGPS regulations

UCEA13012 - Response to the consultation on proposed contribution increases for TPS in 2013-14

UCEA13017 - New UCEA guidance materials relating to auto enrolment

UCEA13020 - Employee contribution increases to TPS and NHSPS in England and Wales from 1 April 2013

UCEA13021 - Scottish public sector scheme member contribution increases from 1 April 2013

UCEA13029 - Pension Increase Order 2013

UCEA13029 - (attachment) - The Pensions Increase (Review) Order 2013

UCEA13031 - Technical changes to auto enrolment - Consultation on draft regulations and other proposed changes

UCEA13040 - Consultation - Proposals for implementation of the reformed TPS in England and Wales

UCEA 13052 - HM Treasury consults HE on proposed changes to Fair Deal policy

UCEA 13052 - (Attachment) Treasury consultation on new Fair Deal policy

UCEA 13058 -HM Revenue & Customs Pensions Tax Relief 2013 Individual Protection from the Lifetime Allowance Charge

UCEA13058 - Briefing on the Restriction of Pensions Tax - 2013 Edition (Attachment)

UCEA13059 -Local Government Pension Scheme (England and Wales) - New Governance Arrangements.pdf

UCEA13063 - HM Revenue Customs - Update on Fixed Protection 2014

UCEA 13065 - Call for Evidence on the Future Structure of the Local Government Pension Scheme

UCEA13073 - Technical Changes to Auto Enrolment 2013 Government response to consultation

UCEA13076 - HM Treasury's new Fair Deal guidance and the status of HE

UCEA13083 - Consultation on TPS employee contribution increases

UCEA13085 - Only one month left to apply for Scheme Pays

UCEA13086 - Agreement on changes to the LGPS in Scotland to be implemented in April 2015

UCEA13091 - Consultation on STSS employee contribution increases