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UCEA media training workshop: Keeping control during testing times

10:00AM, 23 March 2015
central London

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In a world of new and social media developments, keeping control of media messages and interviews during crises is vital. From damaging twitter gossip to national news reports, HEIs are expected to provide comments and facts to gain balanced media coverage.

In the workshop the broadcaster and former BBC journalist Richard Uridge provides crucial communications advice and, via ‘live’ recordings and analyses, shows how modern media interviewees must focus on his “3Ps” – planning, process and promotion.

The day will benefit senior staff as well as HR and communications officers who may be called upon in representing their HEI during testing times, specifically on employment issues such as pensions, pay, cuts, strikes, job security and campus unrest. UCEA’s communications team will be on-hand to ensure that media issues surrounding recent pay and pensions disputes are addressed.

Read the timed programme below:

UCEA media training workshop: Keeping control during testing times


Prices and booking processes:

Delegates from UCEA member HEIs

£310 per place for those who work at a UCEA member institution. Book places via this link

Delegates from other HEIs and HE sector agencies

£410 per place. If you are interested in attending this workshop please email


The UCEA communications team also offers advice to member HEIs on local communications issues. Please contact Andy Fryer or Marc Whittaker to discuss your communications needs.