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Clinical academic salaries

The process for publishing clinical academics' salaries each year is as follows.

Step 1

The Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body report is usually published in March each year recommending the pay rise (or not) for NHS doctors and dentists from April.

Step 2

The Government then agrees (or not) with the recommendations.

Step 3

NHS Employers in England and the health departments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland issue pay circulars for NHS doctors and dentists. There is sometimes a considerable delay in this for the devolved administrations. 

Step 4

Using the NHS pay circulars, UCEA 'translates' the relevant NHS salaries into clinical academic pay scales and consults the trade unions on the revised salaries.

Step 5

UCEA circulates the salary scales by way of a UCEA Update.   

Step 6

HEIs determine the local implementation of salaries with effect from 1 April, backdated where necessary.

Page updated March 2017