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Residency options for EEA staff already resident in the UK

Current options for different groups of EEA nationals in the UK are outlined below.

Please note, however, the Government’s offer, made on 26 June 2017, for EU citizens in the UK (and UK nationals in the EU) on their rights and status after the UK leaves the EU.

Registration Certificates have been available for many years for EEA citizens in the UK. Whilst not mandatory, these certificates prove an individual has the right to study or work in the UK and are useful for those who have been in the UK for fewer than five years. There has been no change in the rules on who is eligible for certificates. 

Permanent Residence Card enables an individual to prove that he/she has acquired “treaty rights” to permanent residence in the UK. Broadly speaking this is where individuals have been continuously working or studying in the UK for five years or more.  It is not necessary to have a card, but it is a requirement for those wishing to subsequently apply for British citizenship. Applicants must complete the EEA(PR) form to obtain a card. The online version of the form is easier to complete. 

British citizenship: the site provides guidance on the eligibility and application process for citizenship. EEA residence will need to have previously acquired a residence card (see above) to apply. 

The "Issues for EEA nationals in HEIs" page of UCEA's website contains links to FAQs from law firms Fragomen, Mills & Reeve and VWV providing more details on the processes and limitations of these options. 

 This page was last updated on 27 June 2017.