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Engagement and Wellbeing

HE institutions recognise the importance of good levels of employee engagement and wellbeing and UCEA is working to provide opportunities for members to develop their engagement and wellbeing practices. 

Background to UCEA’s work

In October 2011, UCEA took on stewardship of the HE sector's work on employee engagement and wellbeing, following the end of the project Improving performance through wellbeing and engagement. UCEA was part of the steering group for the project, which was run out of the University of Leeds and had been in receipt of funding from the sector funding councils until September 2011. Full details on the project and resources can be found on the Wellbeing project website

Wellbeing project resources available from the UCEA website and the wellbeing site include the final report, reports on interventions and mapping performance, and case study reports.

Current work on engagement and wellbeing

UCEA has started initiatives aimed at improving employee engagement in the sector, an Employee Engagement Toolkit for HE; a network on engagement and wellbeing, and events on employee engagement.

UCEA also provides case studies from institutions on employee wellbeing and health.