Engagement initiatives

Engagement indicator for the HE sector

UCEA and UHR led a joint project, with the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), to develop an engagement indicator for the HE sector. IES conducted research in the HE sector, including pilot studies at two HEIs, to develop a set of questions that measure engagement with the organisation and engagement with the individual’s work/job.

The following quick-read guide uses FAQs to summarise:

  • What the engagement indicator is
  • How it can be used
  • What benchmarking UCEA can provide on the engagement indicator results

HE engagement indicator - quick-read guide

Full details of the indicator can be found in the report below. This should be read in conjunction with the short cover note from UCEA and UHR, which provides additional information on how the findings can be used in practice.

HE engagement indicator report

UCEA and UHR cover note to the IES engagement indicator report

UCEA provides a benchmarking service for HEIs that use the indicator. The following technical guidance details how the benchmarking service works:

UCEA Employment engagement indicator - technical guidance   

For more information, please contact Nicola Carter.


Employee engagement toolkit

UCEA and Universities HR have worked together to develop a toolkit on employee engagement specifically for the HE sector. The Institute for Employment Studies (IES), a leading research organisation in this field, was engaged to develop the toolkit.

The Employee Engagement Toolkit provides a practical framework for use by those in leadership roles in HE institutions in building employee engagement. There is a large research and evidence base on the importance of employee engagement. The main objective of the toolkit project is to facilitate leaders and managers in moving from the evidence base on engagement to its practical application.

For more information on the toolkit, please contact Nicola Carter.

UHR Engagement and wellbeing framework for HE
UCEA and UHR held a joint conference on engagement and wellbeing: sector projects and wider perspectives, on 21 September 2016. The event showcased the work that the regional engagement and wellbeing networks, supported by UCEA and UHR, are doing. This included the development of the UHR Engagement and Wellbeing Framework, which was developed by HEIs in the North East, led by John Hamilton from Leeds Beckett University. The Framework gives theoretical evidence, a new model and case studies of practice in HEIs.

UHR Engagement and Wellbeing Framework

Employee engagement case studies

The following case studies on employee engagement activities were presented at the UCEA seminar on engagement in HE in 2012. 

De Montfort University - Vision Café

University of Greenwich - Employee Engagement

There are also several case studies from HE institutions on employee engagement in the Employee Engagement Toolkit.

Case studies on engagement and wellbeing initiatives were also collated as part of the project Improving Performance through Wellbeing and engagement – these can be accessed from the Wellbeing Project Resources