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Wellbeing Project resources

The main outputs from the project Improving Performance through Wellbeing and Engagement, which ended in September 2011, are available below. UCEA has provided short one-page summaries of each resource, to enable readers to find the most suitable document for their needs. Further resources are available to HE institutions on the project website

Project overview reports

SUMMARY - Improving performance through wellbeing final report

Improving performance through wellbeing and engagement project - Final Report

Improving performance through wellbeing and engagement project - Executive Summary

Project reports

SUMMARY - Wellbeing and engagement interventions

Interventions report

SUMMARY - Mapping strand final report

wellbeing and performance mapping report

SUMMARY - Designing and evaluating interventions

Designing and evaluating interventions - how-to guide

SUMMARY - Business case for wellbeing and engagement lit review

Business case literature review summary

Business case literature review - references

Business case literature review - spreadsheet

Case study / interventions reports

SUMMARY - Engagement and wellbeing case studies

University of Aberdeen - Stress management

University of Birmingham - Board level communications and engagement

University of Bristol - Leading and coping with change training for middle managers

Cardiff University - Introduction of new sickness absence procedure and support mechanisms

University of Glasgow - Personal resiliance training

University of Leeds - Executive coaching

University of Leeds - Team rebuilding following change

Newcastle University - Enhancing staff engagement in the wellbeing agenda

Queen Mary University of London - Psychological contract of academic staff

University of Winchester - Employee communications

University of Chester - Psychological wellbeing, physical activity and nutrition