UCEA16005 - Migration Advisory Committee - Recommendations on reforming Tier 2

UCEA16013 - Mandatory gender pay gap reporting

UCEA16014 - UCEA Briefing on the Apprenticeship Levy

UCEA16015 - EU referendum - employment law and communications implications for members

UCEA16021 - Migration Advisory Committee Tier 2 Recommendations - Joint Sector Statement

UCEA16021 (attachment) - Joint Sector Statement in response to proposals presented by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC)

UCEA16025 - Budget 2016

UCEA16028 - Government responds to the MAC recommendations on Tier 2

UCEA16031 - Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into pregnancy and maternity discrimination

UCEA16039 - Latest developments on the Apprenticeship Levy

UCEA16043 - Trade Union Act 2016

UCEA16059 - Employment implications of Brexit

UCEA16059 (attachment) - Universities UK advice for universities following the vote to leave the EU

UCEA16062 - Consultation on proposed new rules to target "off-payroll" working in the public sector

UCEA16062 - (Attachment) Consultation on proposed new rules to target off-payroll working in the public sector - Response pro-forma

UCEA16066 - Consultation on the Scottish Government response to the apprenticeship levy

UCEA16066 - (appendix) Scottish Government consultation on the apprenticeship levy - pro forma

UCEA16067 - UCEA-BUFDG update on the apprenticeship levy

UCEA16067 - (attachment) - BUFDG and UCEA update on the apprenticeship levy - July 2016

UCEA16068 - HEFCE call for evidence for sector leading or innovative equality practices

UCEA16071 - HE apprenticeship standards - update from the trailblazer group

UCEA16071 - (attachment) HE trailblazer update

UCEA16076 - Apprenticeship levy - new guidance and consultation

UCEA16076 - (attachment) Apprenticeship Funding - UCEA consultation pro-forma

UCEA16076 - (attachment) Copy of the questions in the Government's online survey

UCEA16079 - Trade Union Act 2016 - application to HEIs and implementation

UCEA16081 - Consultations on termination payments salary sacrifice and GPG reporting

UCEA16081 (attachment) - Consultation on termination payments- response pro forma

UCEA16082 - Code of Practice on the English language requirement

UCEA16084 - Mandatory gender pay gap reporting

UCEA16084 (attachment) - Closing the public sector pay gap - UCEA draft response

UCEA16085 - Latest developments on the apprenticeship levy

UCEA16089 - Living Wage Commission Report - implications for employers

UCEA16092 - Apprenticeship levy - HMRC consultation on draft Regulations

UCEA16093 - Brexit impact on HE - Commons Select Committee inquiry

UCEA16095 - HE Academic Professional apprenticeship standard approved for development

UCEA16098 - CBI Annual Conference

UCEA16101 - Consultation on sector gender pay gap metrics

UCEA16103 - Latest developments on the apprenticeship levy- October 2016

UCEA16104 - Apprenticeships - proposal for a new standard for HEI technical staff

UCEA16105 - Publication of new UCEA resources for HEIs employing staff overseas

UCEA16107 - Tier 2 (General) salary threshold increase

UCEA16109 - Autumn Statement 2016 - pay and employment

UCEA16112 - Government consultation on Work, Health and Disability

UCEA16112 - (attachment) Work, Health and Disability Green Paper - UCEA response pro-forma

UCEA16114 - New rules targeting off-payroll working will cover HEIs from April 2017

UCEA16115 - Changes to ballot thresholds, Codes of Practice and Employment Tribunals

UCEA16117 - Apprenticeship levy - consultation and free training