UCEA17002 - Consultation on the Institute for Apprenticeships (England)

UCEA17003 - TNE - Moving toward informed choice advising

UCEA17009 - Draft regulations published on mandatory gender pay gap reporting for public sector employers

UCEA17013 - Stern recommendations and the use of HESA academic records

UCEA17013 (appendix) - Draft UCEA response to the HEFCE consultation on the second REF

UCEA17014 - Trade Union Act 2016 - implementation

UCEA17016 - New rules on off-payroll working - new HMRC resources

UCEA17021 - Launch of new HMRC Employment Status Service

UCEA17022 - Budget 2017

UCEA17024 - Industrial action guidance and e-balloting

UCEA17027 - Apprenticeship levy in the devolved nations and cross-border funding

UCEA17030 - UCEA response to the REF consultation

UCEA17034 - Trade union facility time - new reporting requirements

UCEA17049 - Launch of the 'Technician Commitment'

UCEA17049 (attachment) - Technician Commitment brochure

UCEA17049 (attachment) - Technician Commitment Briefing Paper - Spring 2017

UCEA17049 (attachment) - Technician Commitment Signatory Form

UCEA17050 - Trade Unions Act - update on facility time and DOCAS requirements

UCEA17059 - HE apprenticeship standards and support for HEIs (England)

UCEA17060 - Development of an engagement indicator for the HE sector

UCEA17060 (attachment) - HE engagement indicator research report

UCEA17060 (attachment) - UCEA and UHR joint cover note to the IES report

UCEA17062 - The Taylor Review of modern working practices - recommendations

UCEA17064 - Technician Commitment - second phase of Signatories and Signatory Institution event

UCEA17064 (attachment) - Technician Commitment Founding Signatories

UCEA17064 (attachment) - Technician Commitment Signatory Form

UCEA17064 (attachment) - Technician Commitment Briefing Paper - Summer 2017

UCEA17064 (attachment) -Technician Commitment booklet

UCEA17065 - HE apprenticeship standards and support for HEIs (England)

UCEA17071 - Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on immigration

UCEA17071 (attachment) - MAC briefing from UUK

UCEA17074 - Returning to work after time out for caring - call for evidence

UCEA17074 (attachment) - Returning to work after time out for caring

UCEA17075 - Updates on the Trade Union (Wales) Act and the Trade Union Act

UCEA17078 - UCEA Living Wages Briefing and Toolkit

UCEA17084 - HE apprenticeship standards - Level 7 Academic Professional Standard 

UCEA17085 - Living Wage Foundation announces new rates

UCEA17086 - Technical Note citizens' rights - administrative procedures in the UK

UCEA17087 - HE apprenticeship standards - Latest developments

UCEA17088- Autumn Budget 2017 - pay and employment

UCEA17089 - Funding councils' decisions on submitting staff to REF 2021

UCEA17092 - Survey on sector interest in an HE employee engagement benchmark indicator

UCEA17095 - HE apprenticeship standards Academic Professional Standard and Assessment Plan

UCEA17096 - Freedom of Information - revised Code of Practice consultation

UCEA17097 - University lawfully withheld a day's pay for a two-hour strike

UCEA17097 - Attachment - Walsh v Queen's University Belfast 16.11.17

UCEA17098 - EU citizens' rights joint report from phase 1 of EU - UK negotiations 

UCEA17100 - Regulatory Framework consultation

UCEA17100 (attachment) - Draft response to Regulatory Framework consultation

UCEA17101 - Gender Pay Gap - Member progress and publication plans 

UCEA17102 - Gender Pay - treatment of Clinical Excellence Awards