UCEA18002 - CUC HE Remuneration Code - Consultation on Draft Guidance

UCEA18003 - Changes to Immigration Rules

UCEA18004 - University is not held to be the 'joint employer' of outsourced workers

UCEA18005 - UCU USS dispute - results of the ballots

UCEA18005 (attachment) - NR 22 January 2018 - UCEA statement on UCU USS ballot outcome

UCEA18007 - UCU USS dispute - UCU announces strike dates

UCEA18009 - Equal Pay Reviews and GPG Reporting Guidance publication

UCEA18011 - Government response to the Taylor review of modern working practices

UCEA18012 - Apprenticeship levy - transfer of funds (England)

UCEA18013 - UCU USS dispute - results of the second round of ballots and revised guidance

UCEA18016 - Government review to see how employers are improving ethnic minority progression

UCEA18017 - Brexit - EU citizens arriving in the UK during the implementation period

UCEA18018 - Gender Pay Gap reporting - deadline, resources and enforcement

UCEA18019 - CUC draft Remuneration Code consultation and OfS Regulatory Framework

UCEA18019 - (attachment) Draft CUC HE Remuneration Code UCEA comment 1 March 2018

UCEA18021 - Deductions of contributions at source (DOCAS)

UCEA18024 - Consultation on the National Minimum Wage

UCEA18024 (attachment) - Questions for Low Pay Commission Consultation

UCEA18026 - USS dispute - UNISON and EIS dispute and ballot plans

UCEA18027 - Gender Pay Gap reporting results

UCEA18029 - Trade union facility time reporting - portal and guidance

UCEA18031 - Consultation on measures to increase transparency in the labour market

UCEA18031 (attachment) - Taylor Review of modern working practices - pro-forma response form

UCEA18032 - USS dispute - UNISON calls off its ballot plan

UCEA18034 - HE apprenticeship standards - Funding band for Academic Professional Standard

UCEA18038 - Gender Pay Gap benchmarking tool and statistics

UCEA18040 - UCEA benchmarking of the HE engagement indicator

UCEA18048 - HE apprenticeship standards: Academic Professional Standard (England) approved for use

UCEA18049 - Trade union facility time reporting - guidance published

UCEA18051 - New CUC Code on Senior Staff Remuneration

UCEA18053 - Brexit - Settlement Scheme for EU citizens

UCEA18055 - Trade union facility time central reporting service

UCEA18057 - Flexible and fair - Improving employment approaches for fixed-term and variable hours staff

UCEA18059 - Clarification on Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) Sponsored Researcher scheme

UCEA18061 - Supporting staff applications for settled status and visa costs - consultation results

UCEA18061 (attachment) - Supporting staff applications for settled status - Consultation results

UCEA18062 - Trade union facility time - Government feedback on HEI submissions

UCEA18063 - HE Engagement Indicator - Technical guidance for use in staff surveys

UCEA18064 - EU Settlement Scheme - employer toolkit and testing of the application process

UCEA18069 - CBI Report - Open and Controlled - A New Approach to Immigration after Brexit

UCEA18074 - OfS accounts direction - further guidance available for English providers

UCEA18075 - Trade union facility time - report on HE employers' data

UCEA18077 - Review of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

UCEA18079 - Migration Advisory Committee report - EEA workers in the UK labour market

UCEA18089 - OfS accounts direction - update to guidance for English providers

UCEA18090 - New quick-read guide to the Engagement Indicator for HEIs   

UCEA18091 - Migration Advisory Committee report - UCEA response

UCEA18094 - EU Settlement Scheme - further testing of the application process in HEIs

UCEA18097 - Consultation on mandatory ethnicity pay reporting

UCEA18097 (attachment) - Consultation questionnaire ethnicity pay reporting

UCEA18100 - Autumn Budget 2018 - employment pay and pensions

UCEA18101 - Consultation on the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

UCEA18102 - Living Wage Foundation announces new rates

UCEA18108 - Intersectional analysis of gender and ethnicity pay differences in HE

UCEA18110 - MAC recommendations 2013 UCEA analysis of impact on the HE sector

UCEA18111 - Voluntary reporting on disability, mental health and wellbeing

UCEA18112 - MAC call for evidence on the Shortage Occupation List  

UCEA18114 - UCEA Briefing - Handling Redundancy  

UCEA18115 - EHRC inquiry on racial harassment in HE

UCEA18117 - EHRC inquiry on racial harassment in HE - survey of HEIs.

UCEA18118 - Government's new Good Work plan

UCEA18119 - Immigration White Paper