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Background information


CEEP UK is the voice of UK public employers in Europe. CEEP UK represents the interests of employers of nearly 20% of the UK workforce. CEEP UK was established to ensure that the specific concerns of UK public service employers and providers are taken into account in drafting and implementing EU labour legislation. One of CEEP UK’s main objetives is to represent public employer interests in European social dialogue (see below). CEEP UK is a member of CEEP. More information can be found at:

CEEP UK - what we do 

CEEP UK - who we are  


The European Centre for Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services (CEEP) is one of the European employers’ organisations officially recognised by the European Commission to participate in the social dialogue process – a ‘social partner’. 

Although many CEEP members belong to sector-specific umbrella organisations, CEEP provides an additional powerful lobbying instrument in Brussels by virtue of its role as a social partner and the European association representing all enterprises providing public services.

Social dialogue

At EU level, the ‘social partners’ – employers’ representatives and trade union organisations - have the ability to negotiate independently of the European Commission and national governments on any new employment regulations. It is only if the EU social partners do not agree to negotiate, or negotiations fail, that the European Commission is able to develop new employment-related legislation. This provides the unique and important opportunity for the parties closest to labour market realities to shape labour law in a way which best suits workplace realities. For an organisation to be recognised as a social partner, it must be organised at EU level and should, as far as possible, represent all EU member states. The four social partners are:

  • CEEP (public service employers)
  • BUSINESSEUROPE (private sector employers)
  • UEAPME (SME employers) 
  • ETUC (European Trade Unions Confederation)                                  

UCEA’s membership of CEEP UK (a member of CEEP) enables UK HE sector employers’ interests to be represented in the process of EU social dialogue. For more information, please refer to the following introduction to European social dialogue: 

Social dialogue


The European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) represents the interests of employers from all levels of the education sector. It currently represents 20 employers’ organisations from 16 European countries. 

EFEE was created in 2009 and is now recognised by the European Commission as the social partner organisation for employers in the education sector. As such, EFEE is regularly consulted by the Commission on education, social and employment policy issues. EFEE takes part in social dialogue with trade unions representing staff in education, and EFEE can make agreements with them at EU level. More information: 

EFEE Brochure