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UCEA's work at EU level

70% of all UK legislation, and 90% of UK employment legislation, originates from Europe. UCEA is involved in the formal processes for influencing EU social policy, which leads to legislation, to ensure that UK HE Sector employers’ interests are represented in Europe. 

UCEA is a member of the CEEP UK - the voice of UK public employers in Europe. CEEP UK is the UK arm of the European Centre for Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services (CEEP). Membership of CEEP provides access to social partner negotiations and allows early access to policy and regulatory documents from the EU and the opportunity to influence these at an early stage. In addition, membership of CEEP allows access to a network of sectoral contacts to facilitate the exchange of information and good practice.

UCEA is also a member of the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE), which represents employers in the education sector in Europe. Member HEIs can read more detailed background information on the work of CEEP UK, CEEP and EFEE, and of the process of European social dialogue. Member HEIs can also keep up to date on current activity in relation to employment legislation at EU level.