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Points Based Immigration System

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Clarification on Tier 5 HEI Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) scheme  

The Tier 5 (Sponsored Researcher) GAE scheme enables sponsored researchers to come to the UK on a temorary basis, where they are hosted at a UK HEI.New clarification on the Tier 5 rules has been approved by the Home Office following work with UUK, UK Research and Innovation and the Russell Group which provides HEIs with greater clarity about the scheme, the persons eligible to sponsored under the scheme and the activities that can be undertaken.  

HEI Tier 5 (GAE) Sponsored Researcher scheme June 2018

Changes to UK Immigration Rules

UCEA Update 18:003 provides details of the most recent changes to the Immigration Rules for Tier 1 (exceptional talent) and Tier 2 (general).

UCEA18003 - Changes to Immigration Rules

Government introduces NHS surcharge for migrants.

For more information see the UCEA Update:

NHS surcharge for migrants - UCEA Update

Further to the Update the Home Office has now confirmed:

'The surcharge will apply to migrants applying for entry clearance to come to live in Scotland or leave to remain in Scotland. It is the UK immigration health surcharge, not the NHS (England) surcharge. The NHS in Scotland will receive a fair proportion of the proceeds of the surcharge on the basis of the Barnett formula.'

UCEA Survey on the use of Tier 1 and Tier 5 (2016)

This survey was carried out to gather information on HEIs’ use of Tier 1 and 5 visa routes in order to improve the way that these routes operate and to identify areas where guidance could be enhanced. The survey was sent out to all UCEA members in June 2016 and we received responses from 58 HEIs.


Survey on the use of Tier 1 and Tier 5 in higher education


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