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Health and safety in placements 2018

Safety in fieldwork 2018

Stress and mental wellbeing resources for Higher Education Institutions

HE sector-level health, safety and wellbeing strategy 2016-2020

Leadership and management of health and safety in higher education institutions

Guidance for Occupational Health in HE institutions

Managing Health and Safety in Research

Leading Health and Safety at Work

UCEA Health and Safety Guidelines for Working Overseas

UCEA Health and Safety - Manual Handling in Libraries

Please see the Health and Safety Resources for more support on stress management and mental health at work.

UCEA Health and safety annual reports  

Health and safety annual report 2018

Health and safety annual report 2017

Health and safety annual report 2016

Health and safety annual report 2015

Health and safety annual report 2014

Health and safety annual report 2013

Health and safety annual report 2012

Partner organisations' Health and Safety publications


Resilience in Higher Education Institutions 2014

This provides guidance on emergency management for HEIs, including considerations relating to health and safety.


Guidance on the Safe Use of Lasers in Education and Research (February 2018)

This document represents general guidance on good practice. It is intended to aid in the identification of the hazards associated with working with lasers, to assist in assessing the risk and to outline appropriate control measures in a university or HE college environment.

The AURPO Radiation Protection Officer Position Statement (2017)

Health and Safety Executive:

Occupational health services in higher and further education

The above book is for employers in higher and further education. It aims to promote and explain the need for them to provide occupational health services. It advises on assessing the need for such a service, which will vary depending on the size and nature of the activities undertaken in each institution.