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2017-18 Pay Negotiations

Multi-employer negotiating round 2017-18

The dates for the negotiating meetings for the 2017-18 round were:

  • Thursday 30 March 2017
  • Tuesday 4 April 2017
  • Thursday 27 April 2017

2017-18 New JNCHES settlement

On 4 August 2017 UCEA advised its members participating in the pay round that the 2017-18 round was concluded and that they could implement the 2017-18 pay settlement. On 7 September UCEA notified participating members that EIS had also accepted the award and so all five trade unions in New JNCHES have now confirmed that they have accepted the final offer. The 2017-18 settlement outlines the pay uplifts and commitment to further  joint work

2017-18 New JNCHES settlement

  • UCU conducted a consultative ballot that concluded on 28 July. 64.6% of members voted to accept the offer, on a turnout of 28,830 members (48.6%). UCU has now confirmed that it is accepting the final offer. 
  • UNISON conducted a full consultative ballot of its members in HE in June. The UNISON HE Service Group Executive met on 5 July to consider members’ feedback and agreed to accept the final offer.  
  • Unite conducted a consultative ballot of its branches in HE. Unite conducted a further consultation of its branches in July and confirmed on 3 August that they have decided to accept the final offer. 
  • GMB consulted its members in June and confirmed in July that it is accepting the final offer.
  • EIS consulted its members in June and conducted further consultations prior to a meeting of its University Lecturers' Association (ULA) committee in early September where it agreed to note the conclusion of the round.

Final offer

At the end of the third negotiating meeting on 27 April, the employers made a full and final offer of 1.7% on all spine points, with 2.4% on the lowest point and consequent extra loading for the first 16 spine points. This equates to an hourly rate on the bottom spine point of £8.45 based on a 35 hour week. The employers also offered further joint work on gender pay gaps. Full details of the final offer are outlined in the document below:

Detail of the final offer made on 27 April 2017

The unions noted at the final negotiating meeting that the outcome reached is the best that could be achieved through negotiations and agreed to consult their members on the offer.

Papers shared with the trade unions ahead of the final negotiating meeting

In preparation for the final negotiating meeting the employers shared the following briefing documents with the trade unions:

Briefing note on senior pay in HE - 25 April 2017

Inflation and earnings note for the TUs - 27 April 2017

Employers' response to the joint trade union claim to establish a Scottish sub-committee of New JNCHES

Offer made on 4 April 2017
At the second negotiating meeting, on 4 April 2017, the employers improved their offer from 1.2% to 1.5%, with extra loading to 1.8% for the lowest point. The employers also responded to all non-pay elements in the unions’ claim. Further details can be downloaded below:

Detail of the offer and responses made by the employers - 4 April 2017

Employers' Statement 2017-18
The employers' statement ahead the 2017-18 negotiations was submitted to the trade unions on 28 March, outlining the context within which the year's negotiations are taking place.
Employers statement 2017-18

List of participating employers

List of participating employers, as at 28 March 2017

Joint HE Trade Union Pay Claim 2017-18
The pay claim submitted to UCEA on 22 March can be found below:

Trade unions' joint pay claim 2017-18 

Employers' supporting materials
The following paper was submitted by UCEA at the first negotiating meeting on 30 March 2017:

Representation of table from the unions' claim - income and expenditure

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