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Training and development

The technical workforce

These case studies are based on presentations from the New JNCHES event ‘Growing talent from within: the support and technical workforce in HE’ held on 13 October.

University of Liverpool – Apprenticeships in HE “The Business Case” 

The University’s apprenticeship scheme has employed over 100 apprentices since 2011. A strong business case exists where apprentices can take on some of the duties of temporary and casual staff. Apprentices ensure a talent pipeline. Of the 47 to complete an apprenticeship on the Business and Administration framework, 19 are now permanently employed by the University. The scheme also supports the University’s civic responsibility to be a more inclusive and diverse employer.

Apprenticeships in HE - The business case - University of Liverpool

University of Strathclyde – Technical staff development

The University employs 188 technicians mostly in STEM areas but there are also technicians in professional services and the humanities. Staff are encouraged in their PDRs to come up with at least 3 development objectives that match to the strategy of the organisation including its distinct culture and set of values. Staff are given the time and space to attend HEatED events and a catalogue of courses is available on the website.

Technical staff development - University of Strathclyde

University of Leeds - The nuts and bolts of technician engagement

The University has 450 technicians the majority of which work in STEM departments. Technical staff are valued and it is acknowledged that they can have a significant impact on student experience and NSS scores. The case study details four ways through which technical staff are developed including: technician’s away days, a technical staff website, a university wide technician’s network, and a professional recognition workshop.

The nuts and bolts of technician engagement - University of Leeds