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Contribution-related pay research

Paying for contribution and performance: A thematic review

This review provides a thematic overview of the literature on contribution-related pay (CRP) and performance-related pay (PRP). It covers the key theory, definitions and evidence on practice, particularly from the public sector. It complements UCEA’s survey on CRP in higher education and a number of CRP case studies. The review draws on a range of sources, including both academic and practitioner literature, and highlights important considerations and recommendations that emerged. The review should be of interest to those HE institutions reviewing their approach to reward philosophy, strategy and policy.

Paying for contribution and performance - a thematic review

Survey of contribution-related pay in higher education

This contribution-related pay survey is one of three elements of UCEA’s research project on contribution-related pay and part of UCEA’s work to support HEIs with organisational change. UCEA received responses from 73 HEIs of which 42 had a contribution-related pay scheme in place for at least some of their employees on the 51 point pay spine. This report provides a detailed analysis of the results of the responses to the survey from the 42 respondents with a scheme in place.

UCEA Survey of Contribution-related Pay in HE

Case studies

These case studies provide an in-depth look at the operation of contribution-related pay systems at three universities and include commentary on scheme challenges and reform. 

Case study - Kingston University

Case study - Pre-92 University

Case study - University of Sheffield

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