Pensions & Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) - DB Taskforce                

The PLSA launched a call for evidence on the challenges facing DB pension schemes and views on how those challenges could be addressed.

UCEA response - PLSA DB taskforce call for evidence

In October 2016 the DB Taskforce published an interim report.

DB taskforce - interim report

Introducing a Pension Advice Allowance

HM Treasury has recently consulted on proposals to allow individuals to use £500 tax free from their DC pension pots to pay for regulated retirement advice. 

UCEA response - Introducing a Pension Advice Allowance

In February 2016 HM Treasury issued a response to the consultation.

Pension Advice Allowance consultation response

NHS Pension Scheme - Introducing a scheme administration levy

The Department for Health (DoH) consulted in proposals to introduce a administration levy to pay for the administration of the NHS Pension Scheme, paid for by participating employers.

NHS Pension Scheme - Introducing an adminstration levy

UCEA response - Introducing an administration levy

In March 2017 the DoH issued a consultation response confirming that the administration levy will come into effect from 1 April 2017.

Introducing an administration levy - consultation response