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Pensions are an important and valued part of the remuneration package in HE and the sector currently supports a number of high quality defined benefit pension schemes. 

UCEA leads on identifying the sector employers’ key challenges within and complex and evolving pensions landscape and maintains an appropriate framework for developing and taking forward a sector pensions strategy. UCEA provides an authoritative and trusted source of expertise, advice and information, taking the initiative to seek expert legal or actuarial input where it is judged to be beneficial and cost-effective.

If you require information on any of the pension schemes available in the HE sector please contact Richard Paul, Senior Pensions Technical Advisor, or Emelda Nicholroy, Head of Pensions Policy.

The information on this website is for general guidance only. The individual pension schemes are governed by trust deeds and rules or regulations and if there is any difference between the information provided on this website and the governing documents of the scheme the latter prevail. Every effort has been made to present accurate information at the date of publication but employers are advised to check with the scheme administrator for the latest information regarding their scheme, and any changes that may have occurred to its rules and benefits.