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UCEA XpertHR Pay Club Survey

Which employees does the Pay Club cover?

The Pay Club is an annual salary survey of higher education (HE) staff roles below those included in UCEA’s Senior Staff Remuneration Survey. It is carried out annually by UCEA in conjunction with salary survey specialist XpertHR. 

What are the important dates for this survey?

1 Feb                        Survey census date for salaries reported through this survey
early April                Survey closing date
first week of June   Reports and benchmarking tools available to participants

** The Pay Club Survey 2019 data collection has been extended until Friday 10 May 2019. **

How much does it cost?

The cost of purchasing the Pay Club 2019 reports and benchmarking tools is £745 plus VAT and is available only to institutions that have contributed data through this survey. Data submission is free and you can decide to purchase the reports and tools at a later date.

My institution participated last year, how do we participate in the next survey round?

Your institution's main contact for the survey should receive an invitation to participate in the new survey round by early February. Please contact Jennie Jakubowski at or 01229 779292 if this has not arrived.

My institution did not participate last year, how do we participate in the next survey round?

In the first instance please get in touch with Hayfa Mohdzaini UCEA also sends an Update communication late January of each year to notify members on the Research and Surveys mailing list.

Please note that the survey is open only to UCEA member institutions. 

What reports and benchmarking tools do I get? 

By contributing and purchasing data your institution's nominated contacts will get confidential online access to a comprehensive database of salary information on the XpertHR website.

Salary tables are available by:

  • Job level and function
  • HE sector group (e.g. GuildHE, The Russell Group, University Alliance, Million +)
  • Type of institution (i.e. pre-92, post-92 or HE college)
  • Nation/region of the UK
  • HEI income
  • Length of service

In addition, your institution can access:

  • Commercial sector comparisons for key roles (e.g. in IT, HR, Finance, Marketing and General Administration).
  • Online job pricing, enabling HEIs to query the survey database directly.
  • Benchmarking groups and individuals – simple spreadsheets which show HEIs how their roles and individual staff members compare to the market, clearly highlighting those which fall under or over the market and by how much.
  • Job titles wizard to help you match roles more quickly.
  • Matched sample pay increase analysis of employees who have stayed in the same institutions and job levels in the current and previous survey.
  • Business school analysis – a supplementary analysis report of staff within business schools will be made available free of charge for those organisations providing data in this area.
  • Bespoke reporting – data tailored to meet your individual requirements (available on request).

Pay Club terms and conditions including GDPR data processing addendum

XpertHR is UCEA's appointed third party administrator and data processor for the Pay Club survey. UCEA currently does not have sight of any personal data submitted through this survey.

Details on XpertHR's general terms and conditions including GDPR data processing addendum and salary survey participant terms and conditions can be found on their website.