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UCEA publicationsThis section is for UCEA publications only, please use relevant sections within Employer Resources for other documents and 'News' for UCEA's Employment Bulletin. Publications are listed in order by year published.

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  1. Leadership and management of health and safety in higher education institutions
  2. UCEA's 2015-16 Programme of Work
  3. New JNCHES - Hourly Paid and Casual Staff Working Group Report
  4. New JNCHES - Gender Pay Working Group Report
  5. Pay in Higher Education 2012
  6. Health and safety annual report 2014
  7. UCEA's 2014-15 Programme of Work
  8. 20th Anniversary - History of UCEA
  9. Results of the 2013 survey of equal pay reviews
  10. Annual Health and Safety Report 2013
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