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Exploring workforce planning and talent management in the HE context

This conference took place on the 22 January 2016.

The programme can be accessed below.

Exploring workforce planning and talent management in the HE Context - programme

The PowerPoint slides and supporting documents can only be accessed by attendees of this conference via the link(s) below. If you attended this conference and have forgotten the access code, please email

Professor Nick Petford, UCEA - The changing context of HE: workforce implications

Peter Reilly, IES - Understanding and implementing workforce planning in HE: key issues

Joanne Marshall, University of Bradford - Combining business planning and workforce planning at the University of Bradford

University of Bradford - workforce planning (supporting document)

Wendy Hirsh, IES - Talent management in the HE context: issues of focus and fit

Professor Joy Hinson, Queen Mary University of London - Supporting talent management and succession at Queen Mary University of London through its High Potential Leaders' Programme

CIPD - Resourcing and talent planning 2015

The case studies are also accessible by staff in UCEA member HEIs with user accounts for the website:

University of Bradford - Combining Business Planning and Workforce Planning

Imperial College - Developing female academics and scientists

Queen Mary, University of London - High Potential Leaders' Programme: Enhancing the level of work engagement of 'middle' level staff