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Flexible and fair: managing variable hours and atypical contracts in your HEI

10:15AM, 19 March 2019
Central London

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With almost half a million staff employed in a wide range of occupations by over 160 higher education institutions (HEIs) and a growing number of alternative providers, the UK’s higher education sector continues to evolve its employment practices to meet the needs of students, research funders and its staff. These needs in turn have led to the adoption of a range of contractual arrangements. 
Across the wider economy, employment practices related to non-standard contracts have come under scrutiny in recent years and many HEIs have taken the opportunity to review their approaches to staff on casual and hourly-paid arrangements. As a result, there are several examples of HEIs that have recently made changes to their employment practices to better balance the needs of the institution and staff.  
Balancing employer and employee needs related to flexibility can be challenging at a time of significant economic, social and technological change, but the case for doing so is clear. Alongside the Taylor Review, there are several regional charters that promote good work and employment practices such as Manchester’s Good Employment Charter and the Good Work Standard in London, which are both in development.
UCEA has developed this event which will help participants identify approaches to employment terms that balance institutional need for a flexible workforce with full regard to fair employment practices. 
The programme includes both policy and HE case study presentations which explore a range of approaches to improving practice to meet the interests of both employee and employer. Via round-table discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their own challenges and solutions with other colleagues in the sector.
The programme will cover:
  • Managing employees and teams on variable hours and atypical contracts. 
  • Insights into the ways that HEIs can provide support for staff delivering teaching that are employed on variable hours or atypical contracts. This is based upon the findings of UCEA research on sector practice.
  • Case study speakers will highlight the importance of integrating atypical/variable hours staff into the academic environment, rewarding them appropriately and supporting their professional development.
Confirmed speakers are:
  • Andrea Broughton, Associate Director, Policy and Research, Ecorys 
  • Laurence Hopkins, Head of Research, UCEA
  • Sian Moore, Professor in Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, University of Greenwich 
  • Philip Ratcliff, Deputy Director of HR, Teesside University
  • Ian Wright, Deputy Director of Human Resources, University of Sheffield 
The day will run between 10.15 am (registration at 9.45 am) and 3.20 pm.
The timed programme can be found below:

Prices and booking processes:

Delegates from UCEA member HEIs

£340 per place

If you work at a UCEA member institution you can book via the online booking form.

Delegates from other HEIs and HE sector agencies

£440 per place

If you work for an HEI not in UCEA membership or another HE sector agency please email for more details.