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Talent management: trends and approaches

10:15AM, 11 December 2017
Central London

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Individual HE organisations need clear strategies to attract, develop, deploy and retain the people they will need in their future workforces. Talent management is high on HE organisations’ agendas at a time when competition for the best academics and professionals is intense, leadership positions are hard to fill and the nature of the international labour market may be at a turning point.

This is a practical workshop for those working in senior HR, strategic planning and leadership roles in UK HE organisations wishing to develop or enhance their approach to harnessing the potential of those they employ.

This workshop provides an opportunity to look at how to spot talent for senior and key roles, support both skill and career development and use these activities as a lever to increase diversity at senior levels.

Many HE organisations are also seeking to apply the concepts of talent management to the whole workforce, but what this really means in practice is harder to clarify. The workshop will identify what it might mean to treat the whole workforce as ‘talent’ and the changes this might require to HR and line management practices.

The workshop is informed by recent research looking at the latest thinking and practice in talent management across sectors outside HE. Delegates will be encouraged to explore which aspects of talent management from the external examples used on the day will be most appropriate in their own institutions and to share their progress to date.

This workshop, facilitated by Wendy Hirsh of the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), will help participants explore:

  • What do we mean by talent management and why is it such a hot topic?
  • A framework for developing a ‘best fit’ approach to meet the needs of your own institution
  • Focussing talent management effort – Which jobs, people and career stages? The many and/or the few? 
  • Key processes including talent attraction/recruitment, potential identification, career conversations, skill development, career development (and career paths) and talent forums 
  • Talent management and diversity
  • The capability to implement and sustain talent management

Note: succession planning will be considered as part of talent management, but a more in-depth event on the techniques of succession planning may be offered in 2018.

Attendees will have an opportunity to drill down into their specific talent challenges and how they might address them. The day will run between 10.15 am and 3.30 pm (registration from 9.45 am) and will take place at a central London (WC1H) location. 

The timed programme can be found at the bottom of this page 

* This workshop replaces Attracting and retaining key talent hosted on 23 May 2017 in UCEA's events programme.

If any of those attending would like to share interesting and effective strategies and/or practical approaches to talent management, please contact and the facilitator will make space for you to give a short, very informal presentation at an appropriate point in the day.

Talent management: trends and approaches - programme

Prices and booking processes:

Participants from UCEA member HEIs

£375 per place.

If you work at a UCEA member institution book places via the online booking form

Participants from other HEIs and HE sector agencies

£475 per place.

Please email for more information.