Peter Aitchison

Peter Aitchison

Peter is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the University of Glasgow, a position he has held since 2015. Prior to joining the University in 2011 Peter had a twenty-year career as a senior news producer with the BBC editing output including Good Morning Scotland, Newsnight Scotland, Reporting Scotland and as assistant editor on Radio 4’s Today programme. Under his leadership, the Communications and Public Affairs team has won multiple awards, including CIPR Excellence Winner for best use of social media in 2016, and the THELMA communications and marketing award in 2018 (jointly with colleagues in the External Relations Office). 


Peter will be delivering the presentation How social media can help in crisis communications - The University of Glasgow and the pension dispute of 2019 on Tuesday 9 July with Emma Gilmartin, Head of Social Media and Student Communications, University of Glasgow (UK). The workshop will also include a presentation How do we respond to the use of social media in our workforce dialogue? from Jacqui Tam, Vice-President (University Relations) at the University of Alberta (Canada)


The University of Glasgow - along with many other institutions - was caught up in the USS pension dispute of 2018. During the planning stage of how to deal with the issue, social media was identified as an important part of the communications mix. 

Emma and Peter will outline the challenges and successes of the strategy – and how social media has now become a crucial tool in all that Glasgow does, including communicating on Brexit. 
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