Stuart Andrews

Stuart Andrews

Stuart commenced his appointment as Executive Director of AHEIA in May 2011. He is a qualified lawyer and was previously employed by AHEIA as it's Legal and Industrial Officer between 1988 and 1993. For the intervening period of 18 years, Stuart was the HR Director at the University of Tasmania, where he was the lead negotiator for UTAS in five rounds of enterprise bargaining. Stuart gained his law degree from UTAS, and holds a postgraduate qualification in Arbitration/Mediation from the University of Adelaide. He is also a past President and Secretary of the Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania.


Stuart will be contributing to Plenary session 3: Developments in enterprise bargaining – Australian and Canadian perspectives on Tuesday 9 July with Ian Callahan, Chief Operating Officer, Curtin University, James Butler, Director, CAUBO/FBS and Nancy Sullivan, Field Representative, CAUBO/FBS


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