Nick Crowley

Nick Crowley

Nick is the Deputy Director Human Resources at Macquarie University. He has worked in the Australian University sector for 25 years, with a significant focus on industrial relations, case management and change management.
Nick has undergraduate and post-graduate business degrees from the University of Technology, Sydney, has trained as a mediator and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 


Nick will be delivering the workshop New Approaches to Academic Pathways on Tuesday 9 July


In 2017 Macquarie University introduced a new approach to academic promotion, based in large part on the academic work of Ernest Boyer. 
The development and introduction of the new approach was widely praised within the University for giving academic staff a range of channels in which to progress their individual academic career.
The new promotion process subsequently laid the groundwork for the University and the academic union to introduce, through industrial negotiation, a new approach to academic job families.
Nick will present on the new promotions scheme, the consequences and impact of its introduction, and the relationship with the job family framework. 


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