Professor Angela Hildyard

Angela Hildyard

Angela is the Special Advisor to the President and the Provost at the University of Toronto.  Prior to this she was Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity; Principal of Woodsworth College; and Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She is a Professor of Higher Education at OISE. During her administrative career, Angela has been responsible for all salary and benefits negotiations for 20,000 employees and was accountable to the University Community and the Board of Governors for policies and programs pertaining to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Angela continues to teach and supervise graduate students and serves as a mentor to many members of the University of Toronto community.


Angela will be contributing to the workshop Bargaining a shared risk pension plan on Tuesday 9 July and Is bias really unconscious? Addressing bias in the academy on Wednesday 10 July.


Creating a sustainable Defined Benefit Pension Plan for Ontario Universities
Oversight of Universities in Canada is the responsibility of each Province. Most Universities in Ontario maintain a Defined Benefit Pension Plan and both current and previous Ontario governments have expressed concerns about the long-term sustainability of DB plans within the Public Sector. To address these concerns, the administrations and employee groups of three Ontario Universities (University of Toronto, Queens University and Guelph University) have been working together to establish a Jointly Sponsored DB plan, in which both employees and employers jointly share risk. JSPPs are recognized internationally for their ability to provide secure DB pensions. I will outline the challenges we have faced, our progress to date, and the next steps on this exceptionally complex journey. It is our hope that the University Pension Plan will be operative as of July 2021, at which time other Universities in the Province will be able to join.
Is Bias really Unconscious: Addressing Bias in the Academy
The need to address issues of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within the University sector has become increasingly apparent, especially within Canada. In many of our Universities, the diversity of our students far exceeds the diversity of our faculty and staff. Members of our communities, in particular racialized members, have become increasingly vocal about their experiences of racism. For many years we naively assumed that enhancing diversity would address the issues but it is increasingly clear that we must also proactively address issues of Inclusion. This workshop will outline some of the strategies being adopted within a number of Canadian universities and participants will offer their own insights into other strategies we may collective adopt to promote and support Inclusion.  
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