Claire O’Brien

Claire O'Brien

Claire has held the post of Director of Occupational Health at Imperial College since 2013, where she has worked since 2001 having held pervious roles in the Healthcare, Telecoms and Logistics sectors. With a background in Occupational Health Nursing she sees the employee wellbeing agenda as complementary to the traditional health protection and management support roles of Occupational Health.


Claire will be delivering the workshop A whole University model to mental health support on Tuesday 9 July with Louise Lindsay, Director of HR, Imperial College London.


Imperial College's mental health provision originally developed from a focus on wellbeing for first time students. It was quickly picked up as relevant for the whole community and we will be sharing our whole University approach to managing and supporting mental health. This includes the development of our Mental Health First Aiders and Champions programme, the managing with mental health in mind courses alongside practical support to identify and manage workplace stressors. We will also share the many joint student and staff initiatives, events and media campaigns that have raised awareness, encouraged conversations and created parity with considerations of physical ill-health and disability. 
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