UCEA statement on the UCU strikes

As expected, early reports tell a story of very mixed support and impact across the minority of UK universities affected by the strikes

Helen Fairfoul, Chief Executive of UCEA, said:

“We all regret any disruption, especially to students, that is caused by UCU’s strike action that started today. The action UCU has called over its pay dispute is running at around a third of the UK universities that are party to the national pay negotiations, so 90 of these universities are seeing no action at all. We anticipate the impact will be mixed across the 57 universities where action has been called, as they vary greatly in the both the size of the institution and the UCU branch. Early reports from universities are of some low and some medium levels of disruption to teaching. It does of course take time for universities to find out how many scheduled classes have not taken place on a given day so some simply cannot tell us yet. Others actually do not have any teaching scheduled. Each university is of course focused on managing this period of disruption as best they can for their students.”

For further information: Please contact Andy Fryer, Head of Communications and Membership (a.fryer@ucea.ac.uk) or Marc Whittaker, Communications and Events Manager (m.whittaker@ucea.ac.uk). Call 020 7383 2444.