Examining the gender pay gap in HE

The aim of these infographics is to explain and examine gender pay gap issues in HE and they comprise eight individual infographics which ask key questions and contain images and data to respond accordingly.

This is the sixth version (August 2023) of UCEA's gender pay gap infographics examining the gender pay gap. These revised and refreshed infographics use information and data from the latest official earnings data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and HESA data.
 Examining the gender pay gap in Higher Education
The following briefing provides a summary of UCEA’s work at sector-level to examine and understand gender pay gap issues in HE. It explains how the first page of infographics addresses questions to provide context and comparison to gender pay in HE while the second page of infographics provides occupational segregation explanations, Athena SWAN award figures and the gap data within the HE workforce. 

 UCEA Briefing on HE Gender Pay Gap infographics

The following jpegs provide individual infographics from the set:
 What is the difference between equal pay and the gender pay gap?
 What is the gender balance in the HE workforce?
 Gender pay gap over the decade - how is HE doing?
 How does the gender balance differ by job?
 What is horizontal segregation?
 What is vertical segregation?
 How are HEIs advancing women's careers?
 Where do we see gender pay gaps within the HE workforce?