2021-22 New JNCHES pay round

Final Offer

At the third and final meeting UCEA made an offer which guarantees increases of at least 1.5% to the pay spine. Higher percentage uplifts will be made to the pay points below Spine Point 22, up to a maximum of 3.6%. See our media release - HE employers make fair and sustainable final pay offer

UCEA wrote to the trade unions on 11 May to set out the full details of the offer. The letter is below:
 UCEA Final offer letter - 11 May 2021

Employers' Statement

UCEA sets out the context and challenges in the Employers' Statement which has been presented at the start of the negotiations at the end of March 2021.
 Employers' statement JNCHES 2021-22

Joint trade unions' claim

This was sent to UCEA at the end of March 2021
 Trade Unions' JNCHES claim 2021-22

List of participating HEIs 2021-22 

The list of participating HEIs was shared with the unions at the first negotiating meeting on 31 March. 
 List of participating HEIs 2021-22

Meeting dates

The negotiating meetings for the 2021-22 round were:

Wednesday 31 March
Wednesday 14 April
Thursday 6 May