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UCEA has developed a number of resources for HEIs on mental health and wellbeing including:

Joint principles and USHA guidance

In June 2020, UCEA and the unions agreed a set of six high-level principles for safe working during the pandemic. These were also appended to UUK’s principles for emerging from lockdown. USHA have since published guidance and good practice examples of how risk assessments are undertaken for vulnerable groups. 

Stress and mental health and wellbeing resources pack for HEIs

UCEA and the sector trade unions jointly developed the Stress and mental wellbeing resources pack for HEIs through the HESH forum. The pack aims to assist HEIs specifically in the management of mental health and stress by signposting in one place information and links to good practice and resources from within and outside the sector. In response to Covid-19, a supplementary list of resources specifically aimed at supporting staff and student mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic has been appended to the pack.

UCEA case studies

We are aware that significant work is being carried out in the sector to address staff mental and physical health and wellbeing and UCEA has developed a publication Supporting staff wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond (below) which includes case studies on how five universities are supporting staff wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Contributions from University of Bradford, University of Cumbria, Edge Hill University, University of Law and University of Plymouth are included in the publication.
 Supporting staff wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond

There is a case study from the University of Greenwich (below) on fast forwarding delivery for Mentally Healthy Universities and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the University has also developed a Staff Resilience Toolkit to help staff develop personal resilience during the pandemic.
  Fast forwarding delivery for Mentally Healthy Universities 

There is a separate case study from Aberystwyth University on keeping staff engaged during the pandemic. These case studies are available in the members’ resources section of the website. 

UCEA blogs

UCEA has blogged about sector support for wellbeing during the pandemic and how in response to the pandemic many HEIs quickly adapted and built on their existing staff wellbeing resources as well as early Covid-19 lessons from outside the sector.

UCEA Covid-19 related events 

UCEA has held Covid-19 related events and HRD Insights events with a focus on staff health and wellbeing for our members including:

  • Staff health, safety and wellbeing issues related to Covid-19 
  • Return to campus: Focus on vulnerable staff
  • UCEA interview – supporting staff wellbeing at Cumbria
  • Supporting workforce mental health during lockdown and the journey back to work

Health, safety and wellbeing case studies 

UCEA has previously developed several case studies for our members with a focus on mental health and wellbeing including:

  • University of Gloucestershire – Tackling mental health by prevention
  • University of Essex – Supporting employees with their physical and mental health
  • University of Exeter – Creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • UCL – Supporting mental wellness
  • Bournemouth University – Supporting the staff who support students
  • LSBU – Mental wellbeing through the lens of diversity and inclusion
  • University of Chester – Supporting mental health strategies
  • University of West of England – Creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Edgehill University – Wellbeing and organisational impact

The case studies are available in the members’ resources section of the website. 

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