Stakeholder Briefings

This section hosts public briefings and documents which UCEA has issued to a wide set of stakeholders, such as to parliamentarians.  

Pay in higher education

Independent calculations, commissioned by UCEA, looking at the real-terms change in the value of the New JNCHES pay spine show that all pay spine points have kept pace with CPIH inflation since 2013-14. The report also shows that the lowest-paid staff have seen an increase of 6% ahead of inflation since 2013-14. This paper was revised on 11 October 2019 to incorporate the actual inflation figures for August 2019 as previously forecasts had been used.
Real-terms change in the New JNCHES pay spine (October 2019)

Public sector pensions

UCEA Stakeholder Briefing on public sector scheme contribution increases for university employers, 24 October 2018:
Briefing on the impact of the recently announced contribution increases for university employers using public service pension schemes