Stakeholder Briefings

This section hosts public briefings and documents which UCEA has issued to a wide set of stakeholders, such as to parliamentarians.  

Defined benefit pensions funding

Briefing for employers and trustees of private sector occupational defined benefit pension schemes on the Pensions Regulator's draft Code of Practice on DB funding. The draft Code provides practical guidance on how to comply with the scheme funding requirements set out in regulations and will be of particular interest to HEIs that offer USS, SAUL or Self Administered Trusts to their employees. February 2023

 UCEA briefing on the Pensions Regulator's draft Code of Practice on DB funding

Pay in higher education

Facts and figures relating to UCU pay dispute
These facts and figures provide some context to the HE pay offer for 2019-20 and the current dispute with UCU. Further open access communications materials are available in our infographics and news releases.  
 Figures and facts relating to UCU’s pay dispute, November 2019

Real-terms change in the New JNCHES pay spine
Independent calculations, commissioned by UCEA, looking at the real-terms change in the value of the New JNCHES pay spine show that all pay spine points have kept pace with CPIH inflation since 2013-14. The report also shows that the lowest-paid staff have seen an increase of 6% ahead of inflation since 2013-14. This paper was revised on 11 October 2019 to incorporate the actual inflation figures for August 2019 as previously forecasts had been used.
 Real-terms change in the New JNCHES pay spine (October 2019)

Public sector pensions

UCEA Stakeholder Briefing on public sector scheme contribution increases for university employers, 24 October 2018:
 Briefing on the impact of the recently announced contribution increases for university employers using public service pension schemes