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Conditions of membership

1. Membership

1.1. UCEA Membership is at organisational level and not at individual level. 

1.2. Each organisation is asked to identify and designate the appropriate individuals working within that organisation that it wishes to receive UCEA materials and/or to have access to member resources on the UCEA website. UCEA will by default identify the Head of Institution/ CEO and HR Director post-holders as key designated individual contacts; others can be added on request.

1.3UCEA reserves the right to question (through the most senior HR executive) the inclusion of a named individual on circulation lists or to be set up for a website account if it needs to clarify whether the person is in an appropriate role.

1.4. Member organisations that undergo significant changes in their corporate form, including mergers, will be subject to review of their eligibility and subscription by UCEA’s Board, effective from the point of change. 

2. Passwords and contacts

2.1. Passwords are issued for each designated individual for website access and individuals are asked not to share their individual password with others. UCEA will respond promptly to requests for additional passwords or for new / reminder passwords if there is a problem with the automated password reminder function.

2.2. Members are asked to take all practical steps to keep the membership records UCEA holds for their organisation accurate and up to date, by notifying UCEA ( of both leavers and new appointments for whom designation for a password and/or receipt of UCEA materials is required or for whom access should be disabled.

2.3. UCEA will minimally write to members – through the key contacts - annually to undertake a review of the named contacts at their organisation.

3. Resources and access

3.1. Membership organisations may utilise UCEA ‘members only’ resources sent directly or obtained via the UCEA website only within their organisation. Contacts with access to UCEA material are asked to limit the distribution of materials in their organisation only to those in appropriate senior and professional roles. Some particularly sensitive resources may be marked with more limited confidentiality restrictions.

3.2. If UCEA materials are not publicly available on the UCEA website then they cannot be distributed to other organisations without UCEA’s explicit prior consent. If an organisation operates in a collaborative group, e.g. for shared services, it may not share UCEA documents with the other parties in the group unless the other parties are UCEA members in their own right.

3.3. For information relating to Freedom of Information Act queries, please see our guidance on FOI requests for UCEA documents at FoI requests for UCEA documents

4. Subscriptions

4.1. UCEA subscriptions are revised annually, following the decision of the UCEA Board and to reflect significant changes in the Staff FTE count at the organisation. Members will be notified of any fee changes in writing via their subscription renewal notice. Membership fees follow a formula that varies depending on an organisation’s staff FTE numbers. Members need to supply FTE numbers upon request as it may not be available from HESA. 

4.2. A subscription year runs from 1 August to 31 July. Members are invited to renew annually with invoices for the forthcoming year, generally sent in July.

4.3. Should organisations merge during a membership year, each shall pay a full year subscription with a revised single subscription for the merged institution becoming due from the beginning of the next membership year (i.e. from 1 August).

4.4. The UCEA Board may suspend membership benefits (i.e. access to and distribution of materials and use of all UCEA services) of any member not paying the due subscription within three months of initial invoicing.

4.5. Member organisations may at any time withdraw (in writing) from UCEA membership by providing a minimum of six months’ notice to the Company expiring on 31 July.  

4.6. UCEA reserves the right to change the Conditions of Membership at any time and advises that member organisations consult this page for the most current version. Members will be advised in writing of any changes, through the ‘key contact’ at the organisation.

October 2017