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UCEA Health & Safety Annual Report provides information on current and future work

This UCEA Health & Safety Annual Report for 2009 provides an overview of the projects undertaken by and on behalf of the UCEA Health & Safety Committee, and summarises the significant future work in place.

The new report reflects the sector’s performance against the UCEA Health & Safety Plan 2001-2010 and provides summary statistics for 2008, based on the ‘Annual Health & Safety Survey’ carried out by the Universities Safety & Health Association (USHA). It also provides updated information on statistics relating to accidents and information on joint work that has taken place since the last report.

UCEA has continued to raise awareness of a range of Health & Safety issues during the year through information dissemination, publications and seminars.

Professor Noel Lloyd, Chair of the UCEA Health and Safety Committee and Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University, welcomed the report’s findings and emphasised that joint working will remain an essential element of the new ‘five year plan’ for Health & Safety in higher education.

Professor Lloyd added:

“The UCEA Health & Safety Committee will continue to support the sector in relation to a wide range of health and safety areas over the coming year, encompassing matters relating to well-being wherever appropriate. This will include the development of a new UCEA Health & Safety Plan for 2011 to 2015. This new plan will be developed in consultation with all member institutions and trade unions. In terms of health and safety, this will aim to reflect the specific needs and responsibilities of the sector, as well as the changes taking place nationally.”

The Annual Report for 2009 covers a number of key points, including:

• In general, the overall reportable accident rate for the HE sector continues to remain well below the target level with a downward trend. The RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) levels are below the national average as published by the HSE but the sector has not yet achieved its 30% target reduction in the rate for slips, trips & falls and musculoskeletal injuries.

• The publication UCEA Health and Safety Guidance for the Placement of HE Students, circulated to HEIs in August 2009, presents a new risk-based approach to the management of health and safety matters arising from student placements. Work is continuing on the planned publication Guidance on Safety in Fieldwork (led by USHA), and it is anticipated that this will be available to HEIs in the spring.

• UCEA has begun work on developing a new five year Plan for Health and Safety, and member institutions will be consulted on this later this year.

• UCEA is represented on the steering group of the HEFCE funded project led by the Universities of Bristol and Leeds - Delivering sustainable high performance thorough an engaged, resilient workforce (phase 2 of the project Creating Success Through Wellbeing in Higher Education). UCEA will liaise with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that work planned and undertaken is complimentary wherever possible.

The Report, accessible via the UCEA website*, also provides detail on the continuing reduction in the rate of reported accidents in the sector.



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Notes to Editors

*Visit to download the 2008 and previous years H&S Annual Reports.