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UCEA’s statement on advising institutions regarding implementation of the 1% offer

13 November 2013

A UCEA spokesperson said:
“Providing staff with a backdated pay increase in time for Christmas does not undermine the national negotiating machinery in any way. UCEA has been very clear with the disputing trade unions that there would be pressure from institutions and their staff for implementation of an uplift in December. It is now almost six months since the employers made the final offer and this advice to implement the offered uplift will mean that staff are already receiving it four months late. Employers remain committed to talks to seek to resolve the dispute but we have been consistently clear that there is no mandate to increase from the 1% uplift. There is a balance here between the employers' commitment to the joint negotiating arrangements and their genuine concern for all staff - the vast majority of whom are playing no part in the dispute.”


For further information please contact: Andy Fryer, Head of Communications and Membership ( or Marc Whittaker, Communications and Events Officer ( on 020 7383 2444.

Notes to Editors

  1. UCU, Unison, Unite and EIS-ULA are in dispute over the final offer. According to the latest data available data from HESA 378,250 people work in the sector - of these 29,741 or 7.9% per cent voted from the other three unions. 18,000 (or 4.8%) voted in favour of strike action. The EIS-ULA ballot result was announced last week: a slim majority (of 203 to 199) in favour of EIS members taking strike action, in concert with the other three unions. GMB has agreed to accept the pay offer.
  2. Aside from the 1% pay uplift, UCEA has offered joint work around the gender pay gap, casual contracts and flexible working to address issues which are important to the unions.
  3. The £1 billion surpluses figure the unions quote is over two years old, the latest Hefce projection of sector surplus for the 2012/13 year is £659 million, equivalent to just 2.7% of income. HEIs must achieve and build their surplus levels to ensure sustainability and to fund essential investment. In an environment without central capital funding it is unsustainable to use surplus income to help fund recurrent expenditure such as employee salaries. Some 32 of 163 HEIs (roughly 20%) accounted for 65.4% of sector surpluses in 2011/12.
  4. The deadline for making changes in time for the December payroll was this week (beginning 11 November), although for some institutions it may already be too late to implement in time for Christmas.
  5. All recent UCEA media releases, comments and letters to and from trade unions relating to pay discussions and protests are available on the news index page.