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UCEA Facts and Figures emphasise the need to sustain the success sector

UCEA Facts and Figures emphasise the need to sustain the success sector

UCEA’s latest Facts and Figures briefings summarise many of the HE sector’s continued benefits in relation to pay, conditions and staffing. The two documents, titled ‘HE staffing’ and ‘Pay’, emphasise some of the many improvements in HE employment matters that have helped develop  the sector’s success.

The ‘Facts and Figures summer 2009’ briefings incorporate the most recent data from inside and outside the HE sector. A cumulative pay comparison that includes this year’s pay offer shows that HE staff pay will have increased by significantly more than in a number of related public services since 2006/7.

In the ‘Pay’ briefing, the Government’s Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) data showed median annual earnings for full-time HE teaching professionals at £42,557 in April 2008, with mean annual earnings of £45,701. This was before the 8% pay increases in pay for HE in 2008 (3% in May and 5% in October). Between 2001 and 2008 HE median full-time annual earnings rose by an impressive 39.2%, with an increase of 38% in hourly earnings.

The ‘HE staffing’ briefing summarised how the HE sector has expanded significantly since the mid-1990s. Recent Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) figures show that the percentage of academic staff has more than matched the rise in students. This briefing included the current challenges faced by HEIs in sustaining the success in the sector. These HEIs have a good track record in handling matters such as staffing changes in an open, fair and dignified way, seeking to avoid compulsory redundancies.

Professor Sir William Wakeham, UCEA Chair, commented “UCEA welcomes these facts and figures because they present a timely and accurate picture of the HE labour market. In recent years higher education has continued to attract, retain and motivate high performing staff and reward them accordingly. UCEA’s facts and figures confirm that this has been taking place in all aspects across the sector. Sustainability during the current times of economic uncertainty is key and our sector must meet the financial challenges that lie ahead. These briefings, in addition to the HE Finance and Pay Data Review, demonstrate recent progress and highlight future challenges.”


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Visit for the full Facts and Figures briefings for summer 2009.

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