Member Networks

UCEA convenes a range of specialist networks in which individuals in our member organisations can get involved. These networks are really helpful for UCEA to engage with those focusing on these specialist areas in our member HE organisations and enable these individuals to have access to networking and learning opportunities.

Clinical academic HR Network (CAHRN)

For HR professionals who work directly on the employment of clinical academics, such as within university medical schools. A UCEA-run email group that members can use to resolve queries, and which UCEA uses to send specific briefing material on clinical academic issues. In addition, UCEA generally organises virtual meetings for members of this Network two or three times a year.

Immigration HR Network (IHRN)

For HR professionals responsible for the recruitment and employment of overseas nationals. Provides the opportunity for HR professionals to share experiences and exchange information on policy and practice in this area.  The IHRN generally meets virtually three times a year, with communication via a UCEA-run email network to share practice and resolve queries.

Regional Engagement and Wellbeing networks (with UHR)

These are self-managed regional networks running in different regions of the UK for HR and other professionals responsible for engagement and wellbeing within their institutions. They provide opportunities to share practice and experience, and meetings are organised and hosted by volunteer HEIs within each network. These regional networks are supported by both UCEA and Universities HR.
Contact Alison McGrand, for information relating to joining any of the above networks.

Global Mobility HEI Consortium

This self-managed special interest group meets virtually usually twice a year. Its agendas feature presentations on topical issues and it provides an opportunity to share practice and experience and to learn from others.
Contact Elaine Schegar, for information relating to the Consortium.