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2018-19 Pay Negotiations

Multi-employer negotiating round 2018-19

The dates for the negotiating meetings for the 2018-19 round were:

  • Monday 26 March 2018
  • Friday 13 April 2018
  • Thursday 10 May 2018

The following posts show the most recent meeting first:

Following the meeting on 10 May 

Final offer

Detail of the final offer made on 10 May 2018

The employers shared this document with the trade unions and also issued the following media release:

HE employers make final offer on base pay for all of between 2.8% and 2%, with the greater uplifts to the lower paid

Prior to the meeting on 10 May

The employers shared the following paper showing the percentage of the total sector salary bill spent on staff on the pay spine compared with the percentage for staff not on the pay spine. The paper was prepared in response to a query raised by the trade unions at the second negotiating meeting.


Following the meeting on 13 April

The employers shared the following response to the trade unions' request for a Scottish Sub-Committee

Final response on request for a Scottish sub-committee

The trade union shared the following document regarding the establishment of a Scottish Sub-Committee of New JNCHES

New JNCHES and the Scottish Subcommittee 23 April 2018

The employers issued the following media release:

UCEA makes meaningful moves in penultimate meeting of the 2018-19 HE pay negotiation

Following the meeting on 26 March

The employers issued the following media release:

Constructive opening dialogue today in the HE pay talks

and shared the following list of participating employers

List of participating employers 2018-19 - 28 March 2018

Ahead of the meeting on 26 March the following documents were shared

Joint HE Trade Union Pay Claim 2018-19
The pay claim submitted to UCEA on 21 March can be found below:

Trade Unions' Joint Pay Claim 2018-19

Employers' Statement 2018-19
The employers' statement ahead of the 2018-19 negotiations was submitted to the trade unions on 23 March, outlining the context within which the year's negotiations are taking place.

Employers' Statement 2018-19

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